Quality Information

At the same time, we will continue to pursue high quality manufacturing that lives up to the trust of our customers by establishing a complete quality system and linking live information from our customers to improvements and developing new manufacturing technologies and automated equipment for the future.

Internal Initiatives

We have established a quality management system based on ISO9001, and based on the president's policy, each department decides on a quality policy and carries out activities in accordance with the policy. The Quality Assurance Department has a system in place to guarantee quality from receipt of parts and materials to delivery of products to customers.

Main Activities Examples

・Adverse reduction activities in the project
・5S Events
・Audit of outside injection and extraction works
・Mutual Audit of Internal Works
・Calibration of measuring instruments

Measurement and Inspection Testing Equipment

・3-D Measuring Machine
・Measuring Microscope
・Thermal Shock Testing System
・Form Measuring Machine
・X-ray Inspection System