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Company Name Nissho Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director Akemi Kakurai
Address [Head office] 1-9-10 Namekawa town, Hitachi city, Ibaraki Prefecture
Establishment October 21, 1960
Captial 30 million yen
Business Automotive components, electronic control devices, medical equipment.
Major Business Partners Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Keihin Co., Ltd
Fuji Electric Global
Nagasa Elex Co.,Ltd
Hitachi Metals, Ltd
(Titles omitted)
Number of employees 330(March 2020)

Organization chart

Organization chart
Organization chart (2020.04.01)


1960 Nissho Co.,Ltd. established in Miyata town- Hitachi city, Ibaraki Prefecture
1963 Head Office moved to Namekawa town Hitachi city (current Head Office)
1968 Nissho Co.,Ltd.(corporation)reorganization
1969 Plant 2 established in Namekawa town Hitachi city
1970 Kashiwano Plant established in Koya Hitachinaka city
1974 Odaka Plant established in Odaka Town, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture
1988 Plant 3 established in Namekawa town Hitachi city
1995 Obtained ISO 9002 Certification
2001 Tajiri Plant was established in Tajiri town Hitachi city
2001 Head Office is newly -built in Namegawa town Hitachi city
2003 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification
2005 Obtained ISO14001 Certification
2006 Juo Plant completed in Juo town Hitachi city
2013 FA Plant completed in Namegawa town Hitachi city
2013 Nissho Vietnam Co.,Ltd. established in Viet Nam
2014 Nissho Vietnam Co.,Ltd. begins operations in Viet Nam



・Manufacturing automobile parts
・Manufacturing medical equipment
・Manufacturing switchboards and electrical control equipment
・Designing and manufacturing automotive- related equipment

[Production engineering]

・Automated Insert Molding technology
・High-speed Ultra-Fine Wire Winding Technology
・Vacuum Epoxy Resin Casting Technology
・Electronics-related components Automatic Welding Technology(TIG welding、fusing、resistance welding、etc…)
・Automated heating welding technology
・Automatic resin painting technology(silicon、epoxy、gel)
・Automatic lead forming technology
・Automatic swaging technology
・Automatic soldering technology

Environment Policy


Based on our president`s policy and environmental slogan, main office and plants of Nissho Co., Ltd. fully recognize our own responsibility to preserve the earth-friendly environment and build a sustainable society. In order to achieve this environmental policy, all employees participate in environmental activities. We manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and cooperate in environmental protection in the future. As a company manufacturing automotive-related parts we strive to reduce environmental impact through manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. ( We are aware of the environmental aspects of our activities, products, and strive to reduce the environmental impact) We will observe laws, regulations, and agreement related to environment. Conducting on environmental conservation to all the employees to raise their understandings and awareness on global environment. We set environmental goals along the guidelines of our president aiming to improve the environmental sustainability and prevent environmental pollution. (Business integration). Our environmental policy will be accessible for all employees and known to all parties affiliated with our company and disclose it publicly. Aims for 2020

(1) Reducing of environmental load such as reduction of chemical materials into the environment, saving resources and saving energy.

(2) Accepting orders and designing environmentally friendly products.

(3) Working to protect the natural environment in local communities and contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

April 2020 Nissho Co.,Ltd Akemi Kakurai, Representative Director

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