Automotive parts

Production Information

We respond flexibly to the diversification of product needs, such as high performance and multi-functionality, and provide superior quality and peace of mind through integrated production from single processing to assembly.

[Ignition Coil]

(PTC:Plug Top Coil)

[Air Flow Sensor Housing]

Air flow detection(AFS:Air Flow Sensor)

[Rotation Sensor(RS Sensor)]

Rotational Speed Detection(SENSOR ASSY)

[Pressure sensor housing]

Air Pressure/Exhaustion Pressure Sensor(Housing)

[Electric VTC]

Valve Timing Control System

[EPS(Electric Power Steering)]

Power Steering Control Unit(BUSBAR ASSY)

[Backflow prevention valve]

For Car Air Conditioners and Compressors

[Semi-actuated Solenoid Valve]


Parts for Medical Equipment

Product Information

Using automated lines based on reliable technology, we are able to meet the various applications of medical products.

[Molded Parts for DNA Sequencers]

Highly Sensitive Detection for Gene Analysis

Parts for Power Control Equipment

Product Information

We use high-cycle streamlining equipment that can respond quickly to the diversification of insert parts to provide the best products for our customers' needs.

[IGBT(Power Modules)]

Railcar pantographs(Case for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)