Our products

Based on the unique technologies we have accumulated so far, we are constantly aiming to create the best products with new ideas and free ideas.

Flow from Prototype to Mass Production

We are responsive to our customers' needs.
We will make a proposal for better products such as materials and specifications at the stage of replying to the quotation.

  • 1) Confidence

    The customer requests a quote from us.
  • 2) Internal Review

    We will review the specifications and pricing with you.
  • 3) Quotation Response

    We will provide you with suggestions for better products.
  • 4) Request for a Prototype

    If the customer likes our proposal, they can request a prototype.
  • 5) Trial Delivery

    We will deliver a trial product that we have made.
  • 6) Mass production Request

    Once we have received the OK to your prototype, we will create a drawing for mass production.
  • 7) Preparation of equipment and molds.

    After receiving approval for the mass production drawing, we start preparing the equipment and molds.
  • 8) Initial Delivery

    We will deliver the first mass-produced product. Once you have passed the test, we will start mass production.
  • 9) Mass Production

    We can provide a stable supply of your products with high technology.

How Production Management Works

In order to respond to plans that change daily, we are able to respond flexibly to shipping with speedy manufacturing instructions and material arrangements.