Production Engineering

As a comprehensive assembly manufacturer from high-speed winding of ultra-fine wires to plastic molding and automatic assembly, we will create a novel manufacturing system that meets the needs of our customers.
・We make full use of our original technology and construction method to establish our own rationalized and labor-saving production system.

・Molding technology for plastic parts that produces excellent insert molding
・High-precision and high-speed winding technology using ultra-fine wires that provide reliable products
・Vacuum epoxy resin casting technology
・Automatic welding technology for electronic parts (TIG welding, fusing, resistance welding etc...)
・Automatic heat welding technology
・Automatic resin coating technology (silicon, epoxy, gel)
・Automatic lead forming technology
・Automatic crimping technology
・Automatic soldering technology

In-house design and production equipment

Nissho obtains various know-how from the design and production of its own production equipment, and delivers various jigs and automatic machines that can meet the needs of customers to your production site.

Example of automatic machine design and production

・Automatic box packaging equipment for exterior molded products
・Automatic assembly equipment for various gear
・Cooling Unit for automobile parts
・Airleak test jig for communication parts
・Airblow and suction equipment for machining parts
・Gate cut equipment for molded products
・Various machning parts

Production Flow of Automated Machines

  • 1) Customer inquiries

  • 2) Our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements

  • 3) Internal review based on requests

  • 4) Report and proposal of the results of the study

  • 5) If there are no problems with the proposal and delivery date, we will prepare an estimation.

  • 6) Order

  • 7) Design - After making the product