Our equipments

・Vertical Injection Molding Machine (30 - 200 tons : Using for Plastic Molding) ・・・48 (machines)
・Horizontal Injection Molding Machine (30 - 300 tons : Using for Plastic Molding)・・・16 (machines)
・Hot Air Box Type Dryer (Normal Temperature To 150℃: Work Heating, Resin Hardening)...46 units
・Epoxy Resin Vacuum Casting Device (For Ignition Production)... 3 units
・Epoxy Resin Automatic Coating Device (XYZ Control)... 3 units
・Multi-line Winding Machine (diameterφ0.04-2.5:Coil Winding)・・・36 units
・Reflow Furnace Soldering / Soldering Robot (Soldering Substrate・・・13 units
・Ultrasonic Welding Machine (600W-1,200W)...5 units
・Spot Welding Machine (Lead Wire Welding) ・・・27 units
・Terminal Crimping Equipment (M-12:Connector Terminal Crimping)・・・5 uits
・Automatic Ultrasonic Washing Machine (Remove fine dust and oil stains) ・・・3 units
Thermal Shock Testing Equipment NT-500 -65 - 200℃:(Product durability Confirmation)・・・1 units
・X-Ray Projector (SV-100AW magnification * 20:Nondestructive Inspection)・・・1 units
・IG-CO Automatic Test Equipment(Dedicated Machine:Equipment of Determination of the special products and specific characteristics)・・・10 units
・Coil Pressure Test Equipment(General Purpose Machine)・・・12 units
・Air-leak Test Equipment (Micro Leak Detector) ・・・6 units
・Three-dimensional measuring machine・・・2 units
・Surface Characteristics Measuring Device・・・1
・Measuring microscope...2 units
・Amsler testing machine・・・1 units
・Surface Roughness Measuring Device・・・1

In-house Equipment Introduction

Multiple Winding Machine

Coil Winding