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Since its establishment in 1960, Nissho has been raised sincerity as our slogan to devote to the craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing. We manufacture at first eletrical components for automobiles and then components of electronic control devices and medical equipment. Worthy of special mention is that the manufacturing facilites are originally desiged by Nissho`s engineers. By applying machines for automatic manufacturing, it allows us to provide good products with lower prices and on- time delivery to customers. In this “once in a 100 years” revolution phase of the automobile industry, that mentions to technical revolution in global trends of motorization and innovative information for automatic driving. Automakers are making a great effort to face up to the challenges of strictly environmental regulations on global scale. Realizing this background, we have to improve our technology to solve problems and connect with the next generation of the craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing. Creativity is needed. Every member of our company is trained to meet the needs of customers with competitive advantages.

Akemi Kakurai, Representative Director, Nissho Co., Ltd


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